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Are you as forgetful as I am?

Evernote's iOS app icon

Evernote's iOS app icon

Evernote - What is it and why?

The only reason I ask is that I meant to write this ages ago but forgot to do it.  Evernote helps you to solve that problem.  Not only is everything that you need available on your computer, phone, and tablet, but is also available on the web if heaven forbid you lost your phone, tablet, and computer.  Poor thing, you've had a rough day.

I fell in love with the idea of Evernote years ago.  Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to apply it my life.  Over the years, they've changed, and so have I.  I think the thing that started swaying me to the Evernote side of life was the Hello App (also an Evernote property).  I started scanning the business cards that I received when meeting people at the RE/MAX R4 convention.  It was so cool how I could scan the business card and press a button to add to my contacts, connect on LinkedIn and schedule a meeting.  Neat.

Let's fast forward a couple of years into the future.  What to my wondering eyes did appear at the local Staples office supply store?  OMG!  There's a green Moleskine Evernote Notebook!  This will go great with my new green pen!   Alright guys, you've got me hooked.  I'm paying for it and it's worth every penny.