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The ATM problem that solves a Real Estate Dilemma

Alliance Agents; would it be fair to say that prospecting for new clients has changed dramatically since the 80’s, 90’s and even the early 2000’s?

Yet the ways people respond to prospecting efforts remains the same.  Specifically the expectations of the consuming public remains the same.  To rise above the noise of the crowd your commitment to customer service that is not just above and beyond average, but sterling in quality and execution must increase. 

The most important change is in the various methods of communication available to us as we prospect. (At this point it is prudent to state that if you are not prospecting for new business on a regular basis, you most certainly should begin to incorporate it into your business model).

While the venues of engagement are dramatically different; people still want, expect and deserve the warm, caring, personal attention that has always been the trademark standard for the Alliance family of products, services and above all the Broker Associates.

The biggest change we have seen in recent years is that the majority of interaction with our potential clients has shifted from personal contact to almost exclusively virtual relations.

Our challenge is in providing a warm personal experience via iPhone or tablet.  How do we convey caring that builds relationships and strong customer loyalty via virtual engagement through machines?

This was the dilemma banks were faced with solving, and the answers they discovered are an avenue of solution in the real estate industry.

Where once upon a time you walked into your banking establishment, were greeted by friendly personnel, offered coffee or a sweet treat and exchanged small talk while the teller completed your transaction, the convenience of the ATM machine put an end to most of that face time.

People preferred dealing with the machine over parking, getting out of the car and walking inside to stand in line.  Free coffee and friendly smiles were not enough to entice them away from the convenience of remaining in their "comfort zone"; their vehicles.

Over a short amount of time banks began to notice a trend that was disturbing.  Without those personal warm fuzzy interactions occurring, loyalty to brands vaporized into thin air.  What was happening was that the first time the ATM machine failed to function perfectly customers were more willing and actually did begin to change who they gave their banking business to.

The focus was on how to solve the dilemma of building and retaining customer loyalty, while maintaining the ease of drive through convenience.

They simply had to find a way to incorporate the same excellent personal customer service that inspired much of the initial loyalty they had enjoyed.  It became a matter of finding a way to humanize the mechanical engagement, so virtual interaction would simulate closely the same feelings face to face contact created.

They found answers that worked for them.  The process they went through saves us in the real estate industry having to start from scratch.  Smooth mechanics mixed with attention to detail has revolutionized their customer ATM experiences and begun to rebuild the customer loyalty they want to maintain.  (Having envelopes available at the ATM along with extra deposit slips is one detail they gave attention to that helped!)


All prospecting in real estate is about engaging virtual strangers in order to build relationship and do so quickly, in order to lead to actual business being conducted.  Whether the potential client is a buyer or seller the desired outcome is the same. 

  • Engage
  • Build rapport
  • Conduct business. 

Humanizing engagement within the social platforms we work with is fairly easy, but inspiring engagement is usually the tougher issue to tackle.  A combination of written, video and interactive posts will help you discover what your audience responds best to.

Have you considered how to make one or more of the different media platforms available as part of your regular prospecting efforts?