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Attending Social Occasions Online


Okay, there is no such disease, it’s made up, but considering all the hyped up sales pitches from well known “this expert” and the equally prestigious “that expert” about where, when, how often and what to post on the social platforms available to us, it’s easy to see how we can be hard pressed to decide where our hard earned dollars will be best spent. 

ROI is always the name of the game for our marketing and prospecting in this industry, so it isn’t at all about “What can I afford?”  It’s really about what we can NOT AFFORD, which is to not be online  

·         marketing our personal brand  

·         prospecting regularly for new business

Competition is fierce and being a presence on the internet is key.  Truth of the matter is, for the new agent and the seasoned agent the real question is “What type, style and mode of marketing fits both my market place and my personality?” 

Especially when it comes to marketing our own brand in the virtual world of the internet.  There aren’t always hard and fast measurable results to help with the decision making.  That applies particularly to the many social platforms available to us where the public is actively engaging with each other, and we are hoping, they will be engaging with our brand!


YES! Short answer.  Yes, as a matter of fact it works quite well BUT…. (you knew there would be a but, right?) it works for certain specific results.  We may not always be able to attribute a new client directly to our Social Media activity, but that may be exactly where they came from originally!  Consider these questions that don't come with easy, straight forward answers all the time:

·         How do we measure and track the value of  “brand awareness”? 

·         How do we recognize “online recognition” that leads to contact when it occurs? 

·         How can we pinpoint the extra points for “trustworthiness” we gain from the strong online presence we’ve built?

Social platforms are excellent for getting and staying connected with our local market place.  There are caveats to consider though, in utilizing these platforms. 

The most important one we cannot afford to ignore is that SOCIAL is subtle. 

While Social Media is truly an ideal platform for us practitioners of the art of real estate because we are always seeking to form fast-built relationships with virtual strangers, forgetting it is SOCIAL can cost us rather than increase our bottom line.

Another caveat is understanding that Social Media platforms are absolutely NOT advertising outlets.  Treating them as such can actually cost potential new business faster than we can say “I’m #1!” in a flashy ad.  

To reach people socially it is essential to focus on WIIFT?  (What’s In It For Them?)

Social newsfeeds are not free billboards for business posts.  The result gained from treating them like they are is that people will tune us out, turn us off and fast-forward through our posts without giving us a second glance.  Think “television commercials” and TiVo.  Skipping commercials in our entertainment mediums has elevated almost to an art form.


The social media possibilities are as endless as our personal life activities are diverse.  For instance if you like to skydive chances are you are tapping into a group of people very different from the back yard garden enthusiast.  This means there are as many opportunities as we are willing to take the time and effort to create to prospect socially for clients among virtual strangers.

AHHH… there is the next caveat.  PROSPECTING SOCIALLY.


Combine social prospecting with WIIFT and subtle marketing and now we have a powerful advertising tool that will work for us 24/7.


Consider also that the greatest majority of people find everything via the internet.  That can be a plus, especially for the newer agent, who positions themselves as a local industry “expert” through their online presence, eliminating the unwanted tag of “newbie” in the marketplace.  People will investigate you on the internet and what they find will influence their decision about you. 

The best way to make sure Social Media marketing and prospecting work positively for us is to treat it as exactly what it is, a social occasion to interact and build relationships. This is perfect for we agents because Real Estate has always been about building great relationships with virtual strangers as quickly as possible.  It’s like Social Media was tailor made for our purposes, we just need to be sure we are practicing our social skills from face to face meetings in this online setting.