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Why Hiring a Professional Photographer is as relevant as hiring a Professional REALTOR

Who doesn’t love a baby picture, they always look fabulous, don’t they? Well, maybe not always, as these pictures prove:

These baby pic failures are the perfect proof for why real estate pictures simply MUST be done professionally!

After taking the time to counsel a seller about how important everything they do is, how can we in good conscience do any less in representing their property on the websites where it will be seen by MILLIONS of people?  Where it will be that crucial first impression that draws a buyer to the house or causes them to click on to the next house on their list?

The percentage of people that won’t even consider a house that has no photos is extreme – sale killer extreme. And those slightly out of focus pictures, or weird angled pictures, or those pictures of the beautiful room being photo bombed by one not quite insignificant unfavorable item?  It cannot be stressed enough that these types of photos are the same as a dirty house, they leave a sour (and price lowering!) opinion.

These are actual pictures that were posted by agents; they have not been retouched or photo shopped

Back in 2010, a Redfin study made it clear that homes with professional photos sold for more money than comparable homes with “good enough” photographs posted with the listing. 

Getting your seller top dollar means you’ve done the best job for your seller; and doing the best job translates into referrals for future clients.

Take a look at the statistics of seller benefits when a home is professionally photographed:

·         Get looked at 61% more online

·         Sell for as much as $18,000 more

Now consider the benefits that you, the Listing Agent, enjoy as well:

·         Impress sellers and it can mean more listings

·         Get the listing over those who don’t use a professional photographer

Imagine the sellers’ reaction to this line in a listing presentation: 

“Home Seller, please make the house look as good as you can and I’ll stop by to snap some pictures for the marketing”. 

This is what you really want to say:

“Home Seller, I care about getting you the results you deserve, so I’ll be paying for a professional to make your home look its best in all our marketing efforts!”

Pictures are marvelous, but spectacular pictures that make the home look big, bright, beautiful and appealing are a marvel to the buyers. 

Photography professionals know how to frame a picture, like the professional designer knows how to stage the home and you, the professional REALTOR, know how to market the home.

While a good picture will get potential buyers to consider a home, great photography can compel them to absolutely take a personal tour, which is how a house gets sold in the majority of cases.

Who do you think will win the listing every time?