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Recycling Household & Home Improvement Materials - Denver, Colorado

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The chances are good that if you are a resident of Denver, Colorado or any of the surrounding communities, you care about being green.  You might not be a fanatic about it like some of our state’s eco-revolutionaries, but most people living in Colorado believe that recycling is the best way to reduce our carbon footprint and to help preserve the gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. With that being said, recycling is not yet a state law, but our state does prohibit throwing away certain items like toxic paint and chemicals, or large pieces of furniture and appliances that will wind up in a landfill.

So what do you do with the items that your curbside trash and recycling company will not take? Do you throw them into a local shopping center’s dumpster? NO! Instead, you contact one of the great companies listed below and either pay for pickup or plan to drop off your unwanted or recyclable items for FREE.

Regularly Recyclable Household Items:

Please Note: These companies will accept the following items: Aluminum, steel, used aerosol cans, foil, pie pans, glass bottles and jars,  plastic containers marked #1-7, paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, cardboard, and paperboard boxes.  Typically these facilities do not accept plastic bags, appliances, chemicals, and other home improvement trash that is not listed here.

1. City & County of Denver Recycling Drop-off Site

1530 Josephine St. 720-913-1311

WEDS 3 PM - 6 PM, SAT 9 - Noon

2. Waste Management, Inc.

*2400 W. Union   Ave. 303-797-1600

*5395 Franklin   St.

*3730 E. 48th   Ave 303-399-6351


3. Alpine Waste & Recycling - Altogether Recycling Facility

645 W 53rd Pl. 303-744-9881

MON-FRI 7 AM - 5 PM, SAT 8 AM - Noon

This facility will accept most of the same items mentioned above as well rigid plastics like outdoor toys and buckets.

Appliances and Household Fixtures:

Please Note: According to the City of Denver's website, "Non-reusable appliances containing Freon or CFCs must, by state law, have Freon removed by a company licensed to do so before recycling or disposal." They suggest if your appliances are in good condition, to resell them or donate them.

1. Bud's Warehouse

4455 E 46th Ave. 303-296-3990

M-F (10-5) and Sat (9-5)

Bud’s is the mother of all things recyclable in Denver! This facility accepts re-usable building supplies and materials like cabinets, kitchen and laundry appliances, tile, carpet, light fixtures, doors, windows, bathroom tubs, toilets, sinks, and latex paint.

2. City & County of Denver, Denver Solid Waste Management


Customers can schedule a free pickup of appliances that still contain freon like refrigerators and a/c units, as well as things like stoves, dishwashers, and dryers.

3. R2 Stewardship

(303) 781-1089

This particular company charges $0.25 per pound for large appliances.

4. Reliable Appliance


This company is licensed to recycle freon, offers free drop-offs, and fee based pickups.

5. ReStore Home Improvement Outlet

*70 Rio Grande   Blvd. 303-421-5300

*10625 W I-70 Frontage Rd. 303-421-5300

*7890 W Quincy   Ave. 303-421-5300

This company accepts working appliances for donation with the intent for re-sale. The items they accept must meet certain guidelines, so please call before bringing in your donations.

6. Sims Metal Management

5601 York St. 303-295-2911

Fee based disposal of large appliances that have already had freon removed.

7. Unwanted Appliances

2300 W. 2nd   Ave., #3 303-430-7142

Fee based pickup services for large working appliances less than seven years old including a/c units, furnaces, and swamp cooler. They are also certified to remove CFCs.

8. Western Metals Recycling

2100 W. Oxford Ave. 303-761-2681

This company will PAY YOU for good working condition appliances, scrap metals and cars.


1. ARC/Cerebral Palsy


Accepts donations of all types including unwanted clothing, furniture and home furnishes. Did you know they pick up too?!

2. Goodwill Industries


The Goodwill is always looking for clean and undamaged furniture, clothing and home goods!  

Household Hazardous Waste:

1. City & County of Denver, Denver Recycles

1800-449-7587 (1800-HHW-PKUP)

This program can be used for a wide variety of household waste products and chemicals.  Please visit their website and call for a fee based pickup.

Latex Paint:

Please Note: These companies offer a fee based disposal and only accepts latex paint in liquid form, free of contamination, and in their original containers.

1. Green Sheen Paint

31 E. Panama Dr, Unit I 303-514-3955

Mon. - Friday, 8 AM - 4:30 PM

2. Old Western Paint Co., Inc.

2001 W. Barberry Place 303-825-5147

Mon.- Fri. from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Yard Waste:

Please Note: The City of Denver advocates "grasscycling," which is a simple term for letting your grass clippings decompose into your own lawn.

1. Gone for Good


This company will collect for a fee curbside treated and untreated wood, yard waste, and broken down wood furniture. No tree stumps!

2. Jensen Sales Co.

8080 S. Santa   Fe Dr. 303-791-4250

This company collects your unwanted yard waste and manufactures mulch, bark, and wood chips for ground covering.  They are fee based and accept drop off only of sod, grass, tree branches, unpainted wood scraps, and sawdust.

3. Mountain States Wood Recyclers

2300 W Radcliff Ave. 303-789-3356

This company accepts only tree branches, grass clippings and leaves.  Fees apply.

4. Oxford Recycling

2400 W. Oxford Ave. 303-762-1160

Accepts and recycles broken up or unused asphalt and concrete, as well as tree branches and unpainted wood for a fee.

5. Renewable Fiber

2600 W. Oxford Ave. 303-798-1292

Accepts all kinds of yard waste.  Drop-off only.

6. Tree Taxi

1708 W. 17th Ave. 303-682-1907

This unique company will relocate and replant unwanted living trees and shrubs. Now how eco-friendly is that!

The eco-friendly industry of waste disposal and recycling management in Denver, Colorado offers several programs and tons of facilities that make it extremely easy to homeowners to be as green as possible. This is great, since buying a home that is not brand new or custom built usually means the new owners will have improvement projects, repairs, and renovations of all kinds to do. Whatever you need to get rid of, just remember Colorado’s mantra of “Reuse, Recycle, Renew,” and be responsible about being green!