Buyer & Seller Tips


Just the word, JUNE, conjures up the sight, sound and smells of summers and summer time is grill time!  June is still a few weeks off but Memorial Day is right around the corner and is the kick off for all things summer to come! 

Did you know that most people who dream of owning a home dream about the backyard barbecue as often as they dream of sitting in front of a cozy fireplace?

If you’re an old hand at the art or planning your first summer bash in your brand new home, before you buy that grill consider which style of grilling option best suits your summer tastes.

GAS GRILLS are a favorite because they’re so easy to use.  They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, plus they heat up fast, cutting preparation time

ELECTRIC GRILLS tend to be smaller and more easily portable, making them a good choice for condo or apartment dwellers who may have outdoor space limitations to work around

CHARCOAL GRILLS remain the choice for diehard BBQ enthusiasts who love the flavor produced by slow cooking over hot embers

No outdoor kitchen would be complete without a full range of essentials that include:

·         Long handled flippers, tongs, skewers and basting brush

·         Fire resistant gloves

·         Cleaning scraper and brush

backyard swing.jpg

Don’t forget great recipes for marinades and rubs that will WOW all your family friends at the annual season kickoff party or maybe this year it will be the House Warming Backyard Bash!  A beautiful backyard or dream deck quickly becomes the favorite hangout for many happy memories of fun gatherings and quiet moments to be cherished.

Need a new home with backyard or deck to get things started?  Your local RE/MAX Alliance Associate has you covered!