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Polo Club - History and Prestige


If you are looking for prestige and pure elegance, the Polo Club neighborhood in Denver is all that and so much more. Having been a real estate content developer for over a year now, I was kind of surprised when I came across this community while searching for cool Colorado neighborhoods, because I had never really heard of it before. When you talk about luxury living in Colorado and the area's most well-to-do residents, you often hear about places like Cherry Hills Village and the Denver Country Club, but I had never really noticed the Polo Club before, and think that is part of their plan! The Polo Club neighborhood in Denver is one Colorado's most exclusive private communities and actually has a really cool history that shows just how times have changed in the area. At the same time, the neighborhood is also a prime example of how today’s luxury homeowners are still after the same thing: privacy, prestige, and grandeur!

The Polo Club neighborhood got its start as, you guessed it, a Polo Club which began when four young millionaires purchased 160 acres of land to play the game. The old spot where they used to play, directly on the Denver Country Club Golf Course, was not adequate and was understandably frowned upon by the club’s golfers. This land which was purchased for $62,000 back in 1920 is now the home one of Denver’s most distinguished multimillion dollar communities.

In the beginning of the Polo Club’s history, polo was played on the grounds about three times a week. After that, the club's owners began building homes on the property with the Lafayette Hughes’ home at 2755 Exposition being the first. As interest in the sport decreased and play at the club ended in 1936, a large portion of the club’s grounds were sold off. In an effort to protect the remaining residents and to uphold their level of privacy, Lafayette Hughes created a Polo Club Homeowner’s Association in 1946. After Hughes died, 34 acres of the original land was sold to create the Polo Club Place Subdivision, which was followed later on by more development of condos and custom built homes. At this point in the community's construction, many of Denver's elite residents decided to relocate from the Denver Country Club to the Polo Club, which helped to build the community's reputation to what it is today. Although the horses have long been gone, the prestige of the Polo Club neighborhood still remains. The neighborhood features half to two acre lots, as well as a primo urban location only minutes from downtown Denver. The original homes in the Polo club are a glorious sight and offer a unique insight to a time where the love of gentleman's sports compounded by wealth produced a lifestyle that was pure class!