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Determining what you need and want in a home

Because not everyone can afford their dream home at any given point in their life, compromise often plays a big role in choosing and buying a house.

While a senior couple with a good retirement might only have to determine how much yard work they’re willing to do, a family with young children may opt for more bedrooms in lieu of horse acreage.

Whatever your situation, we can help you narrow down your wants and needs in order to find the home that’s perfect for you right now. And if you decide to upgrade down the road (literally or figuratively!), we can help with that too.

To get you started in your search, here are some ways to create your “must have” and “would like” criteria:


1. Do you have a certain neighborhood you want to live in?

2. Is there a specific school district you’d like to live in?

3. Do your children need to be able to walk to school or is there a bus route?

4. Do you need to live close to your job/business?

5. Do you have a 4WD vehicle to get up steep hills in winter?


1. What is your high-end limit?

2. What is your comfort zone? (Just because you can afford $2,300/month mortgage doesn’t mean you’ll be able to live comfortably trying to make the payments.)


3. Are there other considerations, such as HOA fees or upkeep on an older house?

4. What are the average utilities? (Larger or older homes may have higher heating/cooling bills.)

Space requirements:

1. What is the minimum number of bedrooms you need? (Can kids share a room? Do you have frequent visitors?)

2. What is the minimum number of bathrooms you need? (How many people will be sharing a bathroom? Do you have a teenager? Will guests have their own bathroom?)

3. Will you need a home office?

4. Do you need a large, fenced yard for a dog?

5. Is there a chance you could have more children?

Amenities (wants):

1. Fireplace

2. Pool

3. Acreage

4. Zones for horses

5. Three-car garage

6. Workshop

7. Gourmet kitchen

8. Walk-in closet

9. Gas stove

10. Vaulted ceilings

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