Living in Evergreen

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Things to know before moving to Evergreen

Moving to Evergreen? Consider these 10 tips: 

1. You will need a four-wheel/all-wheel drive. Although Evergreen’s roads are meticulously maintained, other roads aren’t. If you plan to go skiing during snowy weather or work in Denver and need to drive on side streets on snow days, it’s worth it to invest in a 4WD or AWD vehicle.

2. Everyone has dogs. If you love dogs and being able to take your dog(s) with you on a lot of adventures, Evergreen is a great town for you!

3. Wildlife is town is a regular thing. Fox, deer and elk are especially common in downtown. Although bears and mountain lions do live in the area, the sightings are less common. Still, plan to keep your trash stored away with a tight lid to keep the bears and raccoons from enjoying a buffet ransacking.

4. “Altitude sickness” is a real thing. Sometimes referred to as “acute mountain sickness,” altitude sickness is sometimes found in people making a sudden altitude adjustment, such as those living at sea level flying to Colorado for a ski vacation. Common symptoms include headache, nausea and shortness of breath, with other symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, insomnia and increased heart rate being reported by some people. Five of the most common controllable factors are: consuming alcohol, ascending at a rapid rate, smoking, overexertion and dehydration. If you do nothing else, drink a lot more water than usual when you first move to Evergreen.

5. The speed limit on the interstate is 75 mph. Enjoy it, but be especially cautious of mountain curves, wildlife, cyclists and icy roads.

6. The weather changes a lot. The joke in Evergreen is that if you don’t like the weather, wait a day. It could be 60 degrees in February or snowing on Columbus Day. Learn to live in layers and keep winter gear in your car just in case.

7. Colorado is very dry. Here’s another reason to drink lots of water! Stock up on lip balm and lotion and pick up a humidifier. The altitude and low humidity also mean very few mosquitos!

8. You will need sunscreen. Plan to wear sunblock year round and whenever possible, opt for a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing. Don’t forget that snow reflects UV rays, so your face and lips will need extra protection if you plan to hit the slopes!

9. Evergreen is an unincorporated area. Part of what this means is that you’ll get your gas, electric, water/sewer and municipal services from a variety of sources around the region. While the Evergreen Metro District and other community districts provide water/sewer, private wells and septic tanks are most common outside districts.

10. Many homes don’t have A/C. Evergreen is typically 10 degrees cooler than Denver in the summer, so don’t be shocked when you’re house-hunting and don’t see central air in every listing. Even those with A/C often opt to just open their windows and enjoy the light breeze.

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