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Tips for Relocating Your Small Business

 Relocating your family to a new town is hard enough. But factor in moving your business as well and you’ve got a headache in the making. Luckily, we’ve helped a lot of people relocate to Evergreen, and we’ve put together a list of considerations to help make the transition as smooth as possible. 

1. Consider the weather. Do you have to move to Colorado in the middle of January? Consider hiring a moving company that has a lot of experience driving in snow and dealing with alternate roads in winter.

2. Start networking immediately. Join the Chamber, attend local events, volunteer or sponsor a local event or team to get your name out there.

3. Don’t forget your tax write-offs! Moving your business comes with some advantages—like potential tax write-offs! Talk to a financial advisor and keep all your receipts.

4. Update everyone. Be sure to let your vendors know in advance that you’ll be moving. You’ll also want to cancel utilities at your existing business, as well as phone service, trash, the post office box, etc.

5. Back up everything. There’s always a chance your computer will get damaged (or even lost or stolen) during the move. Back up all your files and keep all the cords for each computer together in a labeled baggie.

6. Donate before you move. Don’t bother taking that heavy old desk if you plan to buy a new one soon anyway. The same goes for old monitors, filing cabinets, chairs and shelves.

7. Hire cleaners. You’ll probably be so busy preparing to move your family and business that it’s not realistic to think you’ll clean your old business space yourself. Hire professionals to clean it, and be sure to book them far in advance to ensure you’re not looking for help at the last minute.

8. Order necessities in advance. If your new location will require a sign, equipment, furniture or inventory, be sure to order it far enough in advance that you’re not scrambling when you move into your new space.

9. Subscribe to a local newspaper in the new town. Reading about the business climate, upcoming events and competition can give you a leg up before you relocate.

10. Make a timeline months in advance. Knowing what needs to be done and when can help ensure a smoother, on-time relocation.

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