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The One Liner from my Favorite Childrens Book every Home Seller Needs to Know

One of my favorite books as a child was P.D. Eastman’s ‘Go Dog Go!’ Do you remember it?  Red dog, blue dog, big dog, little dog.  It started out slow and got very, very exciting!

go dog go cover.jpg

Where are all the dogs going?  TO THE TREES!


Want to know the quickest way to add lots of value to your home? 


Paying attention to the outside of your home pays off, not just at sale time, but in your own enjoyment and satisfaction.

We all know the #1 value adds are kitchen and bathroom upgrades, but who knnew that the biggest bang for your buck in building equity and enhancing the sales price of any house is to plant trees?

Beautiful to look at and providing genuine benefits, mature trees can reduce your air conditioning needs by up to 30%! Imagine that, money back in your pocket immediately and later when you sell just by adding a few well-placed trees around your property.

The benefits don’t stop there, they continue to pile on.  The USDA Forest Service estimates those same trees could save you 20-50% off your heating costs each year.  In fact, just 3 properly placed trees could save you $100-$250 per year in energy costs according to the U.S. Department of Energy. 

The big resale bonus is that those healthy mature trees add on average an additional 10-15% to the value of a home.

And that’s just the trees; add other landscaping like shrubs and flowering plants for even greater returns.  Factor in the years of enjoyable tranquility from a lovely patio or deck for yourself AND the value buyers will attach to the price tag of the home at resale time and what is that worth?

Never underestimate the incredible curb appeal of a fantastic new front door! We all know that first impressions are powerful.

Beyond the financial benefit of home improvements don’t overlook the sense of contentment you gain from additions made to a home. 

But just in case you are focused only on increasing resale value, consider adding these low cost, high impact features:

·         Is that gorgeous new front door minus a window?  Add a peep hole for safety’s sake

·         On the subject of safety, security provisions are a cost effective improvement to consider.  Everything from simple features like outdoor motion lights to full monitoring systems

·         All energy efficient upgrades like the trees to the appliances enhance your pricing

·         Storage; who doesn’t need more?  From your outside shed to additional closets and cabinets

·         Add great molding to the ceiling, the cabinets and even the walls to lend an exquisitely luxurious feel

HouseLogic suggests an upgrade from old light fixtures to modern, better quality ones as another fast and inexpensive way to build on the resale value of a home. 

We’ve discovered that garage improvements including organized storage for tools and sports equipment and a garage door opener or even new garage door if needed, are excellent candidates to consider. 

When you’re thinking about improvements to your home, being aware of how those improvements will positively impact your life now and add value to the house at resale time can keep you from over spending on things that won’t show a good return later.  That’s important to keep in mind, since statistically, we know we tend to move about every 7-10 years.  Money we put into a house during this time is money we’ll expect to see a return on when we sell.  These ideas can be a good place to begin in making your home improvement choices.  Of course, if you are ready to sell house now, our RE/MAX Alliance Associates are here to help you determine the best market price based on current conditions.  Give one a call for an expert opinion.